"Wendy is a very engaging and refreshing trainer. She hits the mark for professionals and offers great tips for those who think they are already good coaches. I highly recommend her as a trainer / workshop facilitator."                

Jim - Columbus, Ohio

"Steady, thoughtful and wise. Those are three words I think of when I think of Wendy. I had the pleasure working with Wendy through Multiply Vineyard where she is a mentor coach. Wendy's talent quickly rose to the top. It was easy to see her natural ability as a coach and her dedication to the craft is solid.  I suggest scheduling a strategy session to see how Wendy could support you in your quest to grow."          

Jen - Minneapolis, Minnesota

​​​​​​​​"Wendy has been a supportive, insightful and enthusiastic coach for me over the past year. She listens well, asks questions that help me find solutions, and she brings good ideas, experiences and resources to the table for me. Working with Wendy has helped me accomplish far more, and in an affirming way than I ever could have accomplished without her." 

Ryan - New York City, New York

I have been coaching with Wendy for the past 11 months. Prior to that time, I was in the early stage of my business and had very little clarity, structure and focus. Through a networking event, I learned more about Business Coaching and began a search for a qualified coach to entrust my business to. Most of the coaches that I spoke with had an agenda or were more concerned with the net worth of my business over my desire for coaching to get my business on the right track. In speaking with Wendy, I discovered that she did not have an agenda for me. 

As Wendy's client I am empowered with setting the agenda. I have to pick the issues for our discussions, address the challenges and discover the solution(s), and put it into practice. As a result of this, I have become a more aware and responsible business owner. Wendy is concerned about my “net worth” as a human being, and an entrepreneur, not only the bottom line of my company.

Since coaching with Wendy, I have gained more clarity, structure and focus, My business has started to grow quickly and with her guidance, I have made some important decisions recently that will take me from business owner to organizational leader.  

Adele - Columbus, Ohio

“We found Wendy to be positive, motivating, and a good listener who asks great questions. During our sessions Wendy showed us how to dig out our desires and decide specifically what we wanted to accomplish next.  She made sure we had new action steps in place in order to make significant progress toward our goals.

Working with Wendy brought many benefits to us, as we experienced coaching as a couple. We had to be honest with each other in front of someone else, which led to more accountability to keeping to our word. Wendy helped us function as a team and decide how to best accomplish our new ministry organization in a way that used our strengths. While coaching with Wendy we were able to raise all the funds we needed to leave for the mission field. 

We also established key stakeholder relationships, and put funding and communication systems in place for our new organization. Subsequently, we have used the skills we learned to plant a new church and work through many cross cultural challenges in the country where we serve. We highly recommend working with Wendy to accomplish important organizational goals, especially in a start-up context."    

Anna & Stephen - Zacatecas, Mexico

"Wendy is a smart, vibrant trainer who is able to engage even the most resistant participants. Her kind and friendly personality makes people at ease and open to hear her message. We are pleased to have her involved with our staff development".

Christine - Columbus, Ohio

What is possible for you?

"As an executive coach and trainer of coaches, I am always looking for those who take the training seriously and assess well in our coach assessment process. Wendy McWherter is one of those coaches that caught my attention because she is a serious student of the art of coaching.  Throughout her training process Wendy continued to ask questions and seek the answers that would make her a better coach. The clients she coached benefitted from her quick learning and her attention to the small things that separate great coaches from good coaches. At the end of her training her diligence paid off with solid skills as proven by her excellent assessment results. I highly recommend Wendy as a coach for anyone who wants to make progress in business, spiritual growth, or discipline in life."                                                       

Keith - Calgary, Canada

"Wendy coached me through a specific time in developing my organization.  She kept me focused and guided me through formulating specific goals concerning my desired end result. Because of her coaching, I am now able to visualize my goals and work toward them in a more organized way than before. Wendy is extremely encouraging and is always happy to talk through challenges with me. I am thankful for her wisdom and encouragement." 

Angie  - Clintonville, Ohio

"Wendy helped me process several areas of my life, and as opposed to others I have worked with in the past, she found the perfect balance of support and autonomy to push me to the next level of self-discovery."                     

Heather - Marysville, Ohio

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