MY training 

Executive and Professional Coaching Program

University of Texas at Dallas

Coaching Certification

Logan Leadership

MA Adult Education and Training

University of Phoenix

BA Organizational Communication

The Ohio State University



I am an active member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Columbus Charter Chapter

Check out the 2017 ICF-Columbus 40/40 Initiative here. 

​​​​The world needs what you have to offer, and you need to get it out there.

People who want to grow their nonprofit organizations or businesses and achieve something "greater" are my favorite people. My passion is focused on helping leaders like you keep your dreams alive, work smarter, increase revenue, and build that highly successful organization you envision.  

I work with amazing, vision-inspired leaders who have an opportunity to make something happen. Some of my clients are growing new nonprofit organizations or assuming new roles.  Some of my clients are building something brand new. All of my clients are professionals who are capable of achieving their dreams.

Most business leaders have goals that look like something like this: securing more ideal clients, developing the ability to focus energies on the right tasks, continuing to innovate, and of course, making more income - all the while living a meaningful, balanced life. Does this resonate with you?

True leaders must live out their vision with the full passion that resides deep inside them.  This means creating a thriving full-time organization that allows them to make a living wage doing what they love, and showing others how to do the same. This means not holding back and not giving up.  Sound like you too?

How can I help you?  Well, my clients say I am a purposeful coach who helps them get more clarity, overcome the limiting barriers in their lives and businesses, and discover the answers that make all the difference.  As your coach, I will help you get your results, your way.

I believe in leaders like you, and in your ability to create your own strategy, build on your successes, and hit your goals.

Innovative, Resilient. Values-Driven, Courageous. You can be this type of person.

I believe in you.


​​courage and fortitude

You have a vision.


Getting there can be challenging. The goals get a bit fuzzy.  New opportunities present themselves.

The unexpected happens. Frustrations can build.

BUT you know you are NOT about to give up. 

Innovative, Resilient. Values-Driven, Courageous.

You can be this type of person...and do what

you've been put on this earth to do.

​Coaching can help.

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