75% of my new clients connect to me through introductions and referrals. 

Coaching is a trusting professional partnership​. 

Satisfied clients, colleagues, and current business owners can make the best connections to people who can benefit from my coaching services.

​My ideal clients are leaders who are change agents. Many are creating and growing new businesses, some are leading nonprofit organizations, and others are planning a major transition in their lives.

All want to live out their vision and create something better for themselves and others.​​  All benefit from the support and challenge a coaching partnership adds to their professional lives.

Who do you know who fits this description?

Be assured, when you make a referral, my next step will be to reach out to that person, introduce myself, mention you made the referral and ask if it makes sense with them to talk further about coaching.

Will you take a few moments to make an introduction today?

make a referral