Let's take a good look at where you are now, and where you want to go moving forward.​ 

Chances are you face opportunities and challenges that every leader faces.  It's your time to grow and make changes to take yourself and your organization to the next level.

Working in your strengths, fulfilled in your work, leading well, making recognizable impact, and seeing measurable results. 

What are your priorities for growth?  Do you know what steps will make the most difference? You can become more aware and change where you need to change.  The awareness, reflect, plan and do cycle will work most effectively for you with the aid of a thinking partner - your coach.

Coaching can be an energizing process for you.  It takes willingness and resolve to change and get to the future you desire.  Are you ready? 

Coaching will give you support and challenge.  Both are imperative for lasting change. 

Let's talk about envisioning your preferred future and designing the right processes to get you there. 

​executive coaching

Build your effectiveness and your organization with focused coaching, designed around priorities you choose.

mcwherter coaching group

what are your priorities for growth?


     ~  Creating and Innovating
     ~  Leading Through Change

     ~  Defeating Perfectionism​ 

     ~  Building Resilience

     ~  Creating Alignment

     ~  Discovering Blind Spots

     ~  Growing Emotional Intelligence

     ~  Overcoming Procrastination

     ~  Resolving Conflict

     ~  Navigating Risk

​     ~  Using Influence Strategically

     ~  Releasing Leadership in Others